how much does a stair lift costStair lifts can be one of the most important investments you make for yourself or a loved one. While stair lift prices aren’t cheap, the cost is quite worth it when you consider the alternative.

A well made and properly installed stair lift can help someone with mobility issues stay independent, safe and out of assisted living facilities.

When you consider the medical costs of a fall and recovery or that a month in assisted living averages $3,500 ($42,000/year), a stair lift’s price is going to be well worth it. Even if you have the room for an elevator in your house, those costs are astronomical, and you’re still not taking away the risk of a fall!

How Much Does a Stair Lift Cost?

The cost of a new stair lift can start around $1,800 for a basic model. However, you can typically expect to spend between $3,000 to $5,000 for a stair lift system installed in your house.

The cost of a stair lift will be influenced by many different factors.  The biggest ones that will have an effect on your final bill will be:

  • Type of Stairs: Are your stairs straight or curved?
  • Landings on the stairs
  • Total length of the stairs
  • Type and brand of the stair lift
  • Are there special weight or restraint needs?
  • Width of the stair well
  • Are you installing it yourself?

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Cutting Stair Lift Costs

When looking at a potential $5,000 bill it’s tempting to want to cut some costs. While used or refurbished stair lifts often function just as well as brand new ones, this is not where you want to risk it.

When you think about the precious cargo these chair lifts are carrying and the fact that they are going up and down steep stairs, why would you risk anything but the very best?

Where to Find the Best Stair Lift Prices

Buying a new stair lift doesn’t have to be a daunting task. We can help you find the perfect stair lift for your living situation and budget!

Instead of just selling one or two brands of stair lifts, we connect you with trusted local stair lift companies that can walk you through the purchase and installation process.